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Welcome to Lividus

Lividus pharmaceuticals A big leap in pharmaceutical industry - Is serving the world- with quality pharmaceutical products, committed professionals, day and night support in any healthcare needs. Product quality, people focus and Professionalism are the hallmarks of Lividus that have shown us the way to growth and prosperity along with the world. The fully equipped Lividus is capable of supplying large volumes of products to satisfy our clients' demands and specifications in aiming to ensure total satisfaction of our clients by offering high quality products.
     The history of pharmaceutical industry date backs to drugstores to the medieval Ages. The first known drugstore was opened by Arabian pharmacists in Baghdad in 754AD and many more soon began operating throughout the middle east asia and eventually medieval Europe. By the 19th century, many of the drug stores in Europe and North America had eventually developed into larger pharmaceutical companies. The industry got underway in earnest from the 1950s, due to the development of systematic scientific approaches, understanding of human biology (including DNA) and sophisticated manufacturing techniques.

The industry remained relatively small scale until the 1970s when it began to expand at a greater rate. Legislation allowing for strong patents, to cover both the process of manufacture and the specific products, came into force in most countries. By the mid-1980s, small biotechnology firms were struggling for survival, which led to the formation of mutually beneficial partnerships with large pharmaceutical companiesand a host of corporate buyouts of the smaller firms.

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Our manufacturing processes are designed to be lean, fast and scaleable in order to fulfil the mission of ensuring product availability of the highest quality on time and at a competitive price to our internal and external customers. Lividus manufacture products for any clients in the world over. Our success is based on a customer-tailored approach and quality standards aligned with regulatory authorities in the world. We provide lifecycle support that includes clinical development, product launch, packaging, process optimisation and formulation.......

Research & Development

Lividus Pharma's Research and Develpment strategy relies on a fine balance of internal expertise and strong external partners to provide our futuproducts. We look for business opportunities at all stages of drug development, including discovery.Drug discovery is the process by which potential drugs are discovered or designed. In the past most drugs have been discovered either by isolating the active ingredient from traditional remedies or by serendipitous discovery........

Customer Support

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